Hey all,

I wanted to share something. I accomplished something throughout the month of July that I would have laughed at a few months back. I completed a goal/challenge to run 75 miles in the calendar month. The most miles I’d ever run in a given month must’ve been somewhere in the 30-35 at best when I half assed a half marathon training a long time ago. I mainly wanted to post this to challenge other people to say fuck it and know that you’re capable of more than you think.

In the month of June, I saw this dude Kevion that I follow on Instagram and have never met set a goal for himself to run a 5k for 100 day’s in a row. Each day, he’d post a ton about his day and his run. I thought, this guy has a hugely successful business and a big family and he somehow finds the time for this, what’s my excuse? I began running 3-4 5k’s each week to start getting back into running shape. Consistency has proven to be the key to everything for me with running. Then at the end of June, I saw another guy I follow named Dee Murthy post a challenge for his run club to run 75 miles in the month of July and anyone that did it would get a $50 gift card to his athletic wear brand Grand AC. I figured it could be a good thing keep pushing me to run more often on those days I had no desire. I started posting on my Instagram story every day that I ran, the mileage and a tune I listened to (sorry to all the people that I beat over the head with that) but I did it to keep myself accountable with all my friends. Moral of the story beyond accomplishing the goal is to spread positivity. Those 2 dudes had no clue that they pushed me through a wall to motivate myself to better myself. This is the exact reason we started Good Future Club and will continue to spread positivity and attempt to motivate everyone. Thanks for that Kevion and Dee. Looking forward to the next OC run!

Here's my playlist that I throw on shuffle every run: RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN


I highly recommend you soak up what both Kevion and Dee put out into the world.

Kevion: follow him on Instagram for a ton of motivational content at @kevion and you MUST listen to his appearance on the Short Story Long podcast: Episode 50. Game changing inspiration. Also, my favorite episode of his own Project Mindset podcast “Billion$ Game

Dee: listen to his amazing Podcast “Group Chat” w/ Drama, watch his vlog on YouTube and check all the dope clothing brands he runs at

He's a picture of me after my final run of July on July 31st at 9:05pm!

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST UPDATE 7/24/18 24 July 2018

We've updated the Spotify playlist with 30 new songs from our favorite bands that have put out music recently! Amazing new songs from The Story So Far, Grandson, Yungblud, All Time Low, As It Is, Twenty One Pilots, Against The Current, Boston Manor, Alkaline Trio, One Ok Rock, Capstan, Hopesfall and more!

Enjoy the playlist here:

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST UPDATE // 7.16.18 16 July 2018

We've updated the Spotify playlist with 30 new songs from our favorite bands that have put out new music recently! So much good music this summer so subscribe and we'll keep updating what we're enjoying. Send requests to our Instagram DMs. Jump over to the playlist and rip some tunes.

Enjoy the playlist here:


Today is our 1 year anniversary of the launch of Good Future Club! We started this brand to add more positive into the world and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Thank you for your attention and support in our first year. We’re continuing to grow and have plans to collaborate with a lot of creatives including photographers, bands, artists and other clothing brands we love! We’re also in process of being involved with helping put together package tours of artists we support with other like minded collectives. There will also be charitable components for limited releases and collaborations to give back to causes we feel strongly about.

I wanted to thank everyone that’s supported us along the way. Especially Billy and the Absolute Merch crew for everything we’ve created. Thanks to James Lano, Nick Santino and Eric Ryan for taking our ideas and designing the shirts the way we’ve envisioned.

We’ll be releasing new items VERY soon so keep an eye on our socials! Be good to each other!


-Nicole & Johnny


We're going to start posting a round up of everything we loved each week. No specific order but we just wanted to put a little spotlight on some stuff you might enjoy as well.

Hundredth released remix EP of songs from their killer last LP RARE via Hopeless Records. Perfect vibe. Go back and listen to their LP if you haven't.


grandson released his debut EP on Fueled By Ramen. This dude means business. Love the message and intensity.


All Time Low release a banger new track. Pop punk forever. Stoked to see them play this on Warped next week.


Mayday Parade released their new LP via Rise Records. Always a soft spot for some Mayday lyrics.


State Champs put out their new LP via Pure Noise Records. Love these guys and they delivered some pop punk rippers.


Culture Abuse put out their Epitaph debut. I hadn't heard much of their music in the past but love this record!


Capstan released to alt versions of fan favorite tunes. This band shreds and these songs sound just as cool the second time around.


Belmont dropped a new single/video today for Hollowed Out. Chicago pop punk boys making some noise. New LP out August 17th via Mutant League Records.


Our friend Kyle Fasel from Real Friends released his poetry book. Pre-order it here.


Our friends in Real Friends dropped their new music video for "From The Outside". Killer song. Go see them on Warped Tour this Summer!


This past weekend, we got to see one of our favorite bands Panic! At The Disco. They're in the middle of rolling out their new album Pray For The Wicked which comes out June 22nd on Fueled By Ramen and made an appearance at KROQ's Weenie Roast in Carson, CA Saturday night. I've seen Panic more than most bands because I was fortunate enough to have toured the UK with them on their first ever tour there in 2005 opening for The Academy Is. I did merch for them but we sold out in the first 2 days so I just got to hang out but those are stories for another day.

This particular show was special because we were able to bring our daughter right after her birthday party. She just turned 3 and we told her everyone was at the show for her birthday party ;). She's been to a few shows so far in her young life but this one was killer cause she watches Brendon do live streams every so often. She brought left over cupcakes and passed them out to all the Panic guys and crew. It was funny to see her stop in her tracks when she met Brendon because she recognized him from the videos. She challenged her uncle Tony and Kenny to a dance off in the dressing room (evidence below).

Panic killed it as expected. It was great to hear the two new bangers live and the crowd went absolutely nuts. I have no idea how Brendon hits those ridiculous notes in the bridge of Saturday Night but it's amazing to see. Special thanks to uncle Tony for making Sutton's birthday party so fun. Long live Panic! At The Disco

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST UPDATED // 5/15/18 15 May 2018

We've updated the Spotify playlist with 30 new songs. So much great new music was released the last week. New releases from State Champs, Fall Out Boy, Knuckle Puck, The Faim, Lume, Panic! At The Disco, Oliver Francis, This Wild Life, Hopesfall, LIMBS, Mayday Parade, Lil Aaron, Jimmy Eat World and a bunch of great bands you should check out! If you are loving new bands, send us a DM on our Instagram at and we'll add a few every week. We want to make sure to spotlight new hard working bands to give them a boost.

Enjoy the playlist here:


I've always been in awe of how amazing the company Hope For The Day and it's founder Jonny Boucher are. Hope For The Day is a company that's starting the conversations about suicide prevention through outreach and mental health education. Their tag line is "It's Ok Not To Be Ok." They're breaking down the walls of negative stigma and empowering anyone struggling to speak up and get whatever help is needed. Jonny is a force of nature and one of the most passionate people you'll ever meet. If you've been lucky enough to be at a show to see your favorite band and have him come out to introduce them, you've witnessed his positive energy in a powerful and impactful way. We all need more of that in our lives!

This week, they opened a new coffee spot "Sip Of Hope" in Chicago. Why is that important? Because it's the world's first coffee shop where 100% of the proceeds go to supporting proactive suicide prevention and mental health education. If you live in Chicago, stop by 3039 W Fullerton Ave and support this incredible new venture.

I also wanted to share a post Jonny made because it encompasses everything we stand for in setting a goal and achieving it:

"yesterday was proof that whatever you want to do in life, you can do - especially when you surround yourself with the best people that think and act just like you do. the process from original concept to opening the doors was a wild roller coaster that had a lot of lessons, set backs but the more we struggled, the stronger we became because giving up was never an option. thank you to my brother Sammy(team no sleep), our brothers and sisters at Dark Matter Coffee, the HFTD staff for handling things while we worked on this project every day for last 6 months, Kevin + Aaron from JGMA, BK + Steph, Lauren + Matthew and all the donors who back this project. Sip of Hope is officially open daily 6-9, swing by for a cup of freshly roasted coffee and conversation"


We absolutely love this band and everyone involved. They made such a killer record in the vein of mid 2000's post hardcore like The Bled and Poison The Well but with an updated twist. We've been banging our heads since they started rolling it out. Below is the press release from UNFD with tons of great info. Hurry up and check the record on whatever streaming platform you prefer!

Post-hardcore quintet LIMBS has shared the title track from their forthcoming debut full-length album Father’s Son, was released yesterday April 27th via UNFD. The song premiered on triple j’s and can be streamed below.

Click below to listen to “Father’s Son”.

On the new single, vocalist Chris Costanza shares: “This is not only the title track, but the first song written for the record. It’s gone through numerous changes since it’s initial inception, but the core has remained the same. This song was written after coming up with the initial concept for the full length about 3 years ago.

Originally formed in 2013 under a different moniker, LIMBS released their debut album entitled Dead Ends before undergoing a fairly drastic lineup change. After taking eight months for reformation, LIMBS regrouped and released their sophomore release, Admission, in late 2014, to copious amounts of positive feedback.

The following year LIMBS toured the DIY circuits relentlessly, dropping singles and gaining fans along the way. After a tour with Saosin, the band recorded a three song EP entitled SLEEP, which was mixed byBeau Burchell (Saosin) and mastered by Mike Kalajian, and was eventually re-recorded with Tim McTague (Underoath).

Flash forward to 2018 and LIMBS have found a new home with UNFD, where they will drop their debut album Father’s Son on April 27. A conceptual album following a young man breaking free from his indoctrinated upbringing, the album explores the harm it causes and the strength in reclaiming your own life.

It’s loosely based off of some of my own personal experiences and feelings,” explains frontman Chris Costanza. “It begins with the young man feeling distraught and angry after coming to some realizations about his upbringing and the harm it has done to both himself and others. It slowly turns inward as he reflects on himself and takes personal responsibility for his actions and deals with the aftermath of making such a drastic change in his life.

A brooding and cathartic album Costanza describes as “Norma Jean meets Radiohead”, Father’s Soncame together with help from Tim McTague in the pre-production stages before moving on to record with Beau Burchell – the same team behind SLEEP.

As LIMBS – rounded out by Daniel Nelson (drums), Joshua Kowalski (bass), Jordan Hunter (guitar), and Tyler Martin (guitar) – prepare to spend the next five months criss-crossing the highways of America showcasing Father’s Son with the likes of Underoath, Veil of Maya, and on the Vans Warped Tour, Costanza reflects on the life lessons expressed within the album.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that love comes in many forms. Some people come at love from a religious standpoint, others from a spiritual standpoint, some from a more pragmatic place. But the most important thing I’ve realized is that (at least to me) it shouldn’t matter where that love comes from. Seeing love in so many forms and from so many different viewpoints has been extremely eye opening for me and helped me broaden my view of love and how it’s given/received. I think that’s something I’ll never stop learning.”

LIMBSFather’s Son is out NOW via UNFD.